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Our Partnerships- 

Titus County Cares- We are teamed up with our community through volunteer service and financial support with ministries such as Titus County Cares which has great programs aimed at meeting needs such as school clothes and supplies for children, groceries for families in need, and raising literacy levels for children.

State and National Affiliations- We are affiliated with state and local conventions, because we believe we can do more for the Kingdom together than we ever could on our own. One of the primary ways we do this is by supporting missionaries around the world through the Cooperative Program. In the past, many churches supported missionaries on a one on one individual basis. The downside of this was that, each year, missionaries would have to leave the field of ministry in order to come home, give report, and fund raise. However, we believe we can do more by pooling resources with our sister churches. As such, we strategically designate a percentage of our offerings to help keep missionaries out in the world so they can have the greatest possible impact for the gospel.