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"Jesus loves the little children" and so do we!

During our worship service, our team hosts a special service geared especially for kids grades k-3rd. We're here to serve them, teach them, and make sure they have some fun too!

Our Midweek service includes activities for kids k-6th. Our goal at Kids 4 Christ, is to help children see how God wants to use their lives to make a difference for Jesus. Our strategy is: "Head, Heart, and Hand." We want them to learn who God is, love Jesus with all they are, and to be transformed from the inside out by the Holy Spirit to live a life that pleases God.

We LOVE Vacation Bible School!

  VBS is a special time where we anticipate God to move in the hearts and lives of children and families each Summer. Through VBS we get opportunities that may be once in a lifetime to: pour God's love into the lives of children, and to help them know that God has a plan for their life. 

Research from Lifeway, a ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention, found:

25 percent of baptisms reported by the SBC come from VBS.
There is a nearly 1:1 ratio of 1 person trained to work VBS and 1 salvation reported.
10 percent of people enrolled in VBS are unchurched.
2,666 people commit their lives to church-related vocations through VBS.
56,386 people enroll in Sunday School connection groups as a result of attending VBS.